Can Bridal Boost help fight and prevent winter colds?

March 04, 2016 Bridal Boost Team Member

immunity support - final days of winter
Hello, March! We are a few days into what is the final stretch of winter (at least for those of us in the Northeast!)
While we await the arrival of Spring and with that the official start of *Wedding Season* we wanted to highlight how Bridal Boost provides Immunity Support.
You do your best all season to avoid getting sick and take every precaution to feel your best.
You eat nutritious meals.
You wash your hands.
You hydrate.
How about incorporating some vitamins into your routine? Bridal Boost provides Vitamin C, E, K2 in addition to Calcium, Zinc, and Selenium for Immunity Support.
The Zinc in Bridal Boost is Zinc Orotate - go check your current bottle of vitamins. Most use Zinc Oxide or Sulfate or another lesser form. Zinc Orotate is the most bioavailable (meaning your body can actually use and absorb it!) form of supplemental Zinc.
Zinc is used for boosting the immune system, treating the common cold and recurrent ear infections, and preventing lower respiratory infections. Zinc might also have effects against viruses. 
Love Notes from #BridalBoostBrides: 

"I've been taking it everyday and I LOVE it!!!! I got over my cold so much faster than usual!"

"I genuinely love Bridal Boost. I went back to the Midwest for two weeks and forgot it and I got sick right away. I swear it was Bridal Boost keeping me healthy."

"I love it!!!! And I'm pretty sure it is the reason why I haven't gotten full blown sick this season! :) "

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