How to Beat Jet Lag so You Can Appreciate Your Honeymoon

June 19, 2018 Bridal Boost Team Member

How to Beat Jet Lag so You Can Appreciate Your Honeymoon

So, you’ve got your honeymoon planned, and it’s the trip you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re going someplace tropical, exploring a new city, or setting off on a foreign adventure, you’ll want to be awake, aware, and present during your trip.

Unfortunately, that can be hard because jet lag is always a factor when you’re traveling across several time zones. It can leave you feeling foggy and fatigued, and more like curling up in your hotel room than exploring, adventuring, or even enjoying a nice sandy beach. Fortunately, there are effective ways to deal with jet lag so you can enjoy your honeymoon and your honey, too.

What, Exactly, is Jet Lag?

To effectively fight jet lag, it helps to understand it fully. Jet lag is fundamentally about a circadian misalignment. This term is a fancy way of saying that your body is programmed to go to bed at a certain time, and it will want to go to bed at that time whether it is night, mid-morning, or mid-afternoon in your new location.

The same thing happens, though on a lesser scale, when you try to teach yourself to go to bed earlier. If you normally shut your eyes at 1 AM, it might feel impossible to fall asleep when you try to go to bed at 11 PM. That’s because your rhythms are set in a certain way.

Fortunately, there are ways to help your rhythms change. They will eventually do this on their own, though it takes about one day for every hour of time change that you experience. You can speed it up with the tricks below.

How You Can Fight Jet Lag and Win

There are a couple of effective ways to fight jet lag.

  • Use light to help your body adjust. When you want to be awake, expose yourself to as much natural light as possible. When you want to be asleep, make it as dark as possible. When it’s light, your body produces chemicals that tell it to wake up. When it’s dark, your body releases hormones that help you sleep. While this won’t be an instant process, it will help your body catch up faster than it will if you don’t utilize light.

  • Find a comfy bed. For your trip home, compare mattresses before you go so you know you’ll be cozy when you arrive.

  • Take melatonin. This supplement is a chemical that tells your body it’s time to sleep. Take it 30-60 minutes before bedtime to send the message to your brain that it’s time to rest. It may not work perfectly, but it will help reprogram your internal clock. Taking melatonin should help you sleep without leaving you groggy in the morning. Take care, however, if you have another medical condition. Check with your doctor before you try melatonin. Also, if you do wake up with a headache or feeling dizzy, talk to a medical professional before you take melatonin again.

Don’t let jet lag make your honeymoon less than enjoyable. Prepare ahead of time by understanding it and arming yourself knowledge. If you’re going somewhere without a lot of natural light, explore possibilities for getting as much exposure as you can, especially during your first days in your new locale. Then sit back, relax, and have the honeymoon you’ve always dreamed about.

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